Powerful Software for Managing Medical Student Information

Leveraging 20 years of experience with medical schools and higher education, the team behind the EMPOWER Student Information System is proud to release Medical School Admissions – a customizable, streamlined admissions management solution that addresses the specific needs of medical schools.

From AMCAS application to matriculation, Medical School Admissions manages the medical school admissions process with efficiency and flexibility.

Automated Features at Every Level

Two-way communication with AMCAS keeps your medical student information system constantly up-to-date. Instantly update statuses when documents are received, evaluators provide their feedback and more. Set automated reminders to screeners, interviewers, and applicants to keep your admissions process moving.

User-Friendly — from Applicants to Administrators

Applicants can view their information, monitor, and submit missing documents, and manage their interview day from a responsive, secure web portal. Evaluators see a custom, easy-to-read grid with key data used to make decisions. Administrators can monitor applicant counts, manage deadlines, update applicants, and review evaluator responses in an efficient manner via the web.

Configurable and Flexible to Fit Your Needs

All customizations are immediate and under the control of the end user, without programmer intervention or additional cost. Information on applicants is displayed in a configurable, user-defined grid.

EMPOWER’s Medical School Admissions can be used by itself, with your student SIS system, or as part of the EMPOWER integrated Medical SIS system. It can come from the cloud or be hosted at your site. EMPOWER provides a unified solution to key functions, giving you the flexibility to implement with a single, integrated database structure that is supported by a first-class support team with years of experience supporting clients in secondary and higher education schools.

Key Features:

  • AMCAS or AACOMAS API data and document processing
  • Program-specific communications timetable with automated processes
  • Schedule interview dates, interviewers and automate reminders, with on-line cancellation or rescheduling
  • Request documents at various stages in the process, track receipt, and automate individualized reminders
  • Automate admissions status change per user configuration
  • Handles Pipeline programs
  • Handles Admissions process for multiple programs simultaneously
  • User-defined web application and additional information requests
  • Customizable screener, interviewer and committee response forms with scoring rubric
  • Flexible, user-defined layouts of applicant information
  • Responsive design for easy viewing on any device
  • Numerous and flexible reporting
  • Completely customizable, at no additional cost or programmer intervention

How it Works


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